March 2, 2010

SEN Sports Radio

I got to discuss a favourite topic of mine today, Mac or PC. As you'll all know by now I'm strongly of the opinion that if you want a computer for home use (email, web, music, photos) you can't beat a Mac.

Apple's website is easy to follow, and for around $2000 you can't go past an iMac or a MacBook Pro.

If you want a PC, well, good luck.

February 23, 2010

SEN Sports Radio

I was on The Run Home on SEN today talking TVs with Franco and Ox. Plasma or LCD. Here's a good link, sponsored by Panasonic to get you started. There's also plenty of other great information on the web.

My advice: If you want a big (bigger than 50") screen and are into sport, go for a Plasma, for everything smaller choose LCD.

We also spoke briefly about set top boxes; The best unit for free-to-air is Tivo or if you've got Foxtel, get IQ.

February 12, 2010

Outware Mobile Launches Shop Ethical!

The Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping goes mobile with launch of Shop Ethical! for
iPhone and iPod touch

Your dollar is your vote - make it count.

The Guide to Ethical Supermarket Shopping 2010 has gone digital with the release of Shop Ethical! for iPhone and iPod touch. With 50,000 copies of the printed guide already in the hands of Australian consumers, the enhanced, mobile and convenient iPhone version is sure to be popular.

The Shop Ethical! app gives consumers the low-down on the environmental and social record of companies behind common brands found in the supermarket. Shop Ethical! is a tool that allows consumers to take action by avoiding companies with a negative track record and supporting companies who make a positive impact.

With Shop Ethical! for iPhone consumers can: - Easily find their favourite products and learn how ethical the companies behind them are. - Discover ethical alternatives that are worthy of their hard earned dollars. - Take action by easily contacting companies via web, email or phone.

The Shop Ethical! app provides consumers instant access to over 2,800 products with related company information and lets them make an informed and ethical decision whenever they shop. This years edition also includes an Alcohol and Office Supplies category.

By shopping ethically consumers can send a strong message for change and help support the practices that make our world a better place to live in.

The Shop Ethical! app uses data from the Ethical Shopping Guide 2010 edition and is based on assessments gathered from over 25 sources including the work of organisations such as Greenpeace, Choose Cruelty Free, Corporate Monitor, Reputex, Responsible Shopper and Friends of the Earth.

Shop Ethical! app is available for $4.99 from the iTunes App Store.

More info here

Shop Ethical! is a collaboration between the Ethical Consumer Group and Outware Mobile.