August 20, 2009

Why Microsoft Will Slaughter Windows Mobile

Another thoughtful, well reasoned and completely biased piece from Daniel Eran Dilger. There have been a flurry of articles since Digitimes released their initial report yesterday that Microsoft was going to compete with Android using Windows Mobile 6.5 and compete with iPhone with Windows Mobile 7.0.

You don't need to be an professor to understand that Windows Mobile is struggling in the market (how many people do you know that use it?) and releasing and maintaining not one, but two mobile OS's is suicide.

But as a fanboy, I love reading Dilger's yarns. A few paragraphs in his latest piece particularly stand out:
How can it possibly afford to piss away another full year with just incremental improvements to its crusty old Windows Mobile platform before delivering its promised vaporware panacea? Oh wait, that’s the company’s normal business plan: deliver crap into the market and then float a toxic cloud of promises that kills off superior products until there’s no options left but to buy Microsoft’s crap.

After several years of this, Microsoft’s crap hardens into something that can be used to make tools or start fires, allowing the company to continue selling its crap without competition. This worked well for Windows on the PC desktop and in the server market, but isn’t working well at all in consumer devices. Windows Mobile and the Zune and the Xbox are all failing to kill off their competitors, outsell them, or even make much of a profit after a decade of trying.

And this:
Since Microsoft’s core competency and basic business model is billowing vaporware smoke, the Zune’s crushing collapse could only clear the air, making the path for rival competitors even easier. The incompetent Zune only made the iPod family look better than it already did.