August 26, 2009

Number of Employees

Check out some of these numbers I got from Google Finance:

Apple made over four times the net income of Dell on a third less revenue, and three quarters of HP's net income on only a third of its revenue.

But net income per employee is where it gets more interesting, and the differences get magnified.

For the most recent quarter, Apple generated over $38,000 of net income per employee versus $5,115 for HP and $3,791 for Dell.

Dell has 76,500 while HP has 321,000, compared to Apple who have 32,000.

I want to know what all these extra employees do at Dell and HP? As far as I can tell, neither Dell or HP run retail stores, make smart phones or media players, make their own OS, and they're clearly not web developers.

So I want to know, what are all these employees doing?