October 4, 2008

More to the story?

The controversy over what Apple will and won't accept on the App Store continues.

John Gruber wrote an insightful piece yesterday called The Fear. His theory; the four apps in the iPhone dock are sacrosanct and that's the reason the two high profile apps, Podcaster and MailWrangler were rejected. He say:
Taken together, these three factors lead to The Fear, which is that developers cannot trust the App Store process. You can spend all of the time and effort it takes to build an app, follow every known rule, and still get rejected.

But that theory falls apart when you note that there are now more than three VOIP apps available via the app store. Could it be perhaps that those two apps just weren't good enough, didn't meet the HIG that meet Apple's exacting standards?

Etherkiller writes:
And all of a sudden, when we step back and look at the facts, and the whole picture, we see that the truth is far less dramatic than the hysteria that has driven tens of thousands of page views.

No doubt Apple can improve their processes, but just remember the App Store is still in its infancy. Let's give Apple some more time to nut out the issues, and some breathing space before wishing it the kiss of death.