June 27, 2008

Apple to release iPhone apps including MMS, iChat, and Remote Control

In case you've forgotten, in the week leading up to the launch of the 1st gen iPhone, Apple dribbled new bits of information to the media each day.

The upcoming launch on July 11th of the next generation iPhone, iPhone 3G won't be any different. Today for instance we've heard that iTunes 7.7 is coming, and it's going to support some kind of Remote Control capability, available, for free, via the App Store.

Now that Apple have an easy way to distribute app, it makes sense for them to distribute their own apps via the App Store too.

I think what you'll see in the lead up to iPhone 3G is Apple making a number of announcements around 'free' iPhone apps available to all iPhone owners - including iChat, MMS, and, as we've already heard, a remote control app too.

If you think about this strategy, it makes complete sense. Many will want to upgrade for the new features already announced (like MobileMe and contact searching), but to get all users to see the true value of the App Store, Apple have to give something away. And what better apps to give away then those that should have been there in the first place (according to consensus).

I can't wait!