September 19, 2007

iLife '08

iLife '08, released earlier this month is an upgrade to Apples media software suite and includes upgraded versions of iPhoto, iDVD, iMovie, Garageband and iWeb. iLife 08 ships free on all new Macs or costs $99 to upgrade. That probably makes it the best value Mac software on the market today.

iPhoto, iLife's photo management software has received a major overhaul and introduces a new feature called Events. According to Apple, users take an average of 50 photos per event (birthday parties, weddings, etc.) and have around 5000-6000 photos in their libraries. Grouping photos into events means you only have to sort through 100 events rather than 5000 individual pics to find the one you are looking for.

Events make managing a large number of photos easier. However, if you're already comfortable using albums these still function as well. Apple have also beefed up the editing tools in iPhoto 08 and it's now possible to apply colour corrections to a group of photos rather than one at a time. iPhoto '08 also simplifies sharing your photos with family and friends through the new .Mac Web Gallery feature that gives users the ability to create rich Web 2.0 sites with a single button.

iMovie '08 is a complete overhaul of iMovie '06 and is a new paradigm in video editing. iMovie is aimed at users who want to make a simple video quickly. It my tests it worked a treat, cutting the time to make a ten minute video of my family holiday by half. iMovie '08 also introduces support for the latest range of AVCHD video cameras and lets you send your finished videos direct to YouTube.

Garageband, iWeb and iDVD also received minor updates that add polish to the suite entire suite and make it a must for any Mac user. For more information on iLife '08 go to here.