July 4, 2007

Remote Control Computer

Did you know you can access your home computer from anywhere in the world? All you need is a little piece of software from Log Me In. Once installed, LogMeIn lets you literally take control of your computer from any PC anywhere around the world. All you need to do is make sure your home computer is connected to the Internet.

Installing and setting up LogMeIn is easy. Simple go to the website, register and then download the software. Once installed you'll need to enter your user name and password in the software so it knows who you are. When you log back in to Logmein.com you'll need to click 'Add Computer' and tell LogMeIn to look for your computer. Now you are set to remotely control your computer from anywhere.

LogMeIn works on Macs and PCs and you can control both from either platform. LogMeIn also offers 'premium' products that let you do more than just control your machine, including file sharing, guest invite and remote printing. The premium version costs $70 per PC per year with volume discounts available.

LogMeIn's Mac software is still in Beta so can be a bit buggy. If you need a more robust solution consider Apple's Remote Desktop 3. ARD lets you observe, control and manage the Macs and PCs on your network.

Setting up ARD is equally easy, in fact the software is built-in to most Macs, while the standard VNC software can be installed on all other platforms. Once you launch ARD all the computers that can be controlled appear on your network. To observe any machine just double click on the computer name. ARD can also be used to update software remotely and can generate software and hardware reports for each machine you monitor.