July 11, 2007

A Product a Day

Buying online is pretty popular these days. Virtual stores like Amazon.com carry many different items and choosing something to buy can often be confusing. Well, to solve your confusion and give you a great deal at a great price check out the new breed of online stores that offer only one product for sale every day. Zazz, Woot and Catch of the Day are three online stores dedicated to giving you the best possible deal on one product a day. Woot, the most popular and longest running site claims to have over 700,000 users and recently sold its millionth item.

The idea behind these 'one product, one day' websites is simple. They buy products in bulk (they never tell you how many they've got) and sell them on the website at a discount rate. I've been checking out these sites over the past week and the stuff you can actually buy ranges from practical and useful (like a kids toy from Fischer Price for half price to the completely useless, like an After Party Bundle USB Light and USB Fan kit). The trick is to join the their mailing lists so you can quickly check the product of the day and determine whether you need it.

After you've decided to purchase buying is easy. In most cases you enter your personal details, credit card information and a shipping address. I've tried out all three websites and all deliver the product as promised. Both Zazz and Woot specialise in gadgets, while Catch of the Day offers a variety of products including homewares, Manchester and electronics as well. If you're a bargain hunter these websites offer a great alternative to eBay and you can take comfort in the fact that when you purchase your items are new and ship with a guarantee.