April 4, 2007

MySpace for Comedy

You might have heard about MySpace from your kids. It is one of the most popular social networking websites and attracts millions of visitors every day. MySpace is a place where users 'hang out' and post information about themselves, what they do and meet new people. Traditionally MySpace attracted lots of musicians, keen to promote their music but now MySpace is attracting a new and funnier section of the community - comedians.

If you log on to MySpace and click on the 'Comedy' link in the top menu bar you'll get to Comedy homepage where you can find information about your favourite acts. In Australia popular comedians like Adam Hill, Dave Hughes and Wil Anderson all have their own pages while lesser known acts like Alison Bice, Amelia Jane Hunter and Justin Hamilton also have a MySpace presence.

Like musicians before them MySpace helps comedians stay in touch with their fans by providing a central place to host information about upcoming gigs and events, and even host videos and audio recordings of their acts. Adam Hill for example chats with his MySpace audience between his shows and has even begun to incorporate the trials and tribulations of his MySpace followers' stories into his shows. Similarly, Dave Hughes (who currently has over 36000 friends) put up pictures of his recent wedding on his MySpace homepage.

With over 760 comedians on MySpace you are sure to find your favourite act. And if your favourite comedian doesn't have a MySpace page make sure you heckle them at the next performance.