March 7, 2007

If you've ever had to search for a property online you will have noticed how difficult most websites are to use. I've just gone through the process of buying a house and found the process of searching online time consuming and difficult. The most popular websites such as and have all the right information but getting to it can be tedious.

Now have just launched their next generation website at and taken online property searching to a new level. The best thing about the new website is that it only takes one click to get to actual listing information. Simply start entering the name of the suburb you are interested and a dialogue automatically completes it for you.

Once the suburb is entered you only need to click on the 'buy' or 'rent' buttons. You'll be presented with a map that highlights all the available properties. Now you'll have the opportunity to customize your results by using the sliders on the right hand side toolbar. If you need a house with 3 bedrooms simply slide the 'bedrooms' slider to the right. If land size is important choose that slider. is based on Web 2.0 technology that means the page is updated without needing to refresh.

When you have your requirements sorted you'll notice the listings of the actual properties on the left side of the map. From here you can click on the property listing for a closer look. To view additional photos simply slide your mouse over the first image and you'll be presented with additional images of the property. In this detailed view you also have the option of emailing the agent for more information. is a great innovative new approach to online property searching. It's only in 'beta' at the moment so you may come across bugs or problems but in my testing it worked flawlessly.