January 13, 2007

Apple stole MagSafe!

I guess you find inspiration from lots of different places. My guess is that Steve Jobs or Jonathan Ives must have visted Japan and taken inspiration from the local Sanyo kettle in their hotel room. Check out the photo - this Sanyo kettle had MagSafe before you knew it even existed. Is more legal action around the corner for Apple?

January 11, 2007

My new niece!

My sister had a baby girl today - the family is doing well.

Product Specifications:
Sex: Girl
Name: TBA (To be announced)
Date: 10-Jan 2007, 3:25pm
Weight at birth: 3.5 kgs
Length at birth: 50.1 cms

Great news all round.

January 3, 2007

Design My Card

Banks have long embraced technological advances for the benefit of their customers and their shareholders. From ATM's to Internet banking, the way we interact with banks is substantially different now compared to 10 years ago. The latest technological innovation to emerge from the banking industry isn't exceptional for it's sophistication but rather for its convenience and novelty.

Design My Card
is an innovative new website that lets you select your own image for your ANZ First Credit Card or Access card.

The first step in designing your card is to choose your image. If you are using one of your own images make sure it is high resolution. Files can be in a variety of formats (Jpeg, Bitmap, Gif or Tiff) and should have a minimum size of 300Kb and a maximum of 3Mb. The resolution should be at least 480 x 480 pixels. Once you have selected your image press upload. This sends your image to the ANZ servers.

Your image will appear over the template of a card. Here you can move it, stretch it, rotate it and even flip it. Make sure that your image covers the whole of the card and doesn't look too distorted. Once you are happy with the design press the 'Next Step' button at the bottom of the screen. You'll need to confirm you are happy with the card design and then enter your account details. Once you card is accepted ANZ will debit $15 from your designated account and you should have the card sent out to you within 10 business days.

Everybody these days has some form of plastic card in their wallet. The idea of merging a photo with a plastic card is ingenious. Photos in wallets often get damaged and can take up too much space. ANZ are the first Australian bank to offer this innovative service however I predict that the idea will catch on and you'll see other banks offering it in the near future.