November 22, 2006 bestsellers

It's late and I can't sleep. I just found a link to the Amazon bestsellers list, and it's truly an amazing testament to Apple's product line heading in to the business Christmas trading season.

For the 'Electronics' category Apple occupies no less than 5 of the first 10 positions.

Under 'MP3 Players' Apple occupies 9 of the first 10 positions (and 10 of the first 11!).

Under 'Notebooks' Apple occupies 5 of the first 10 positions.

Under 'Computers & PC Hardware --> Desktops' Apple occupies 4 of the top 10 positions (NB: They are the ONLY manufacturer to appear in the top 10, A Compaq Presario comes in at 11th spot and the rest of the positions are filled by books)

How crazy is that. Talk about a great line up of products.

There isn't another electronics manufacturer anywhere near this level. Oh and BTW, your old favorite, the Brown Zune. That's in position 27. What a piece of shit.