October 18, 2006

Future Me!

Have you ever wished you could send yourself an email at some point in the future? Maybe a reminder to call your mother next week or a message to yourself not to forget to bring something home from work? Perhaps you just want to write yourself an email as a reminder of what you were doing and who you were today - to be delivered in 5 years from now. Well, now you can with a website called Future Me.

Setup by Matt Sly and Jay Patrikios as an experiment, FutureMe has quickly grown into a popular address and now has a cult following. According to the site 316,341 letters have been written so far with thousands more every day. The site is funded by its two creators and relies on advertising revenue and donations.

Sending yourself an email to be delivered in the future is easy. From the FutureMe homepage simply enter your email address, the subject and body of the email and then choose when you'd like to receive your message. You can choose a date between tomorrow and 31 December 2036. Once you're ready to send your message click 'Send this to the future!' The next page presents you with two choices; you can either just send the message as an anonymous user without registering or you can choose to sign up.

If you choose to sign up you can make adjustments to your email if it hasn't already been sent. For instance, if you change your email address before the due date you'll need to fix your email otherwise you won't receive your message. Members also benefit by being able to change the status of their messages between public and private. A public message is posted on the website (anonymously of course) and can be viewed by anyone. Private messages get delivered only to you.