August 4, 2006

Online Directories

The time has finally come to dump your phone books and replace them with one favourite in your browser. is all you'll need to find any directory related information in Australia. Finding directory information this way is much easier then any of the alternatives including a phone call to directory assistance. There are many parts to the Sensis web properties but is the central domain and probably the best place to start. Also, becoming familiar with online directory searching is advisable as printed phone books will go the same way as dinosaurs in the near term.

To begin exploring Sensis and all of its properties click here and simply enter your search term. If you are looking for a business enter the business name and click 'Search'. You'll probably come up with lots of different results but if the company you are looking for has an entry in the White Pages you'll get a link to that listing at the top of the search results. Once you have your search results you also have the option of doing the same search on any of the four main Sensis websites (Yellow Pages, White Pages, City Search and Trading Post) by clicking on the different tabs at the top of the page.

If you do find a listing in either the White or Yellow Pages you can also get a map of the location by clicking on the 'Map' link. Clicking on this directs you to another Sensis website called Whereis. Whereis is another useful websites to add to your favourites as it can provide you with map and detailed routing information to get to anywhere from anywhere.

If you prefer a more 'advanced' search try going here. This gives you more options with searching and allows you to search particular Sensis properties and not others and exclude or include specific words in your search. also offers a web search. In my testing this performed specifically for local Australian websites. However, when looking for international websites Google always gave better, more relevant results and has far more powerful advanced searching options.