July 19, 2006


Meeting people and sharing your life has never been easier with the new crop of social networking website like MySpace. Based in New York, MySpace has become the leading social networking portal boasting over 86 million registered users. It is currently the fourth most popular English website. Musicians and bands were some of the first people to utilize social networking sites like MySpace. Many rock groups used it to establish a free online presence where they would list concert dates, communicate with their fans and even upload their music for free.

Getting online with MySpace is easy. You sign up and create a profile and then invite other friends to join your personal network. In this way your group of friends can grow very quickly as all of your friends friends also become your friends. If you already know people who are MySpace members you can search for and add them to your list of friends.

MySpace also lets you customise your area by adding music, photos and blogging space to communicate with other friends. Each members listing is unique and is infinitely customisable. MySpace also has a local Australian portal located here.

The majority of users of MySpace are 16-25 year-olds but there are also many registered users 40+ that use it to meet like-minded people and even to make new business associates.

Local social networking websites like FunkySexyCool are taking the MySpace social networking phenomenon to the next level by integrating the service with mobiles and other portable devices. FunkySexyCool also lets you upload recent photos taken on your mobile phone via MMS so that your online profile is always up-to-date. Additionally if friends try to contact you through the site and you aren't online you'll automatically receive an SMS with the message.