July 27, 2006

The Best Broadband Content

Once you’ve signed up for Broadband you’ll have access to a much larger range of multimedia content on the Internet. With a Broadband connection you’ll be able to do things like watch streaming video, play multi player online games and download large files quickly.

With the increased number of Internet users making the switch to broadband more websites are adding multimedia content to enhance their appeal. In Australia there are many sites that take advantage of this by offering premium content not available to narrowband subscribers.

One good example of a broadband enhanced website is Telstra’s own Bigpond portal. Bigpond has many different categories of content and all of them are geared to broadband users. Take Bigpond Music for example. Here you’ll be able to trial and download the latest music releases. Downloading a track over regular dialup could take over ten minutes, with broadband it shouldn’t take more then three.

The newly released ‘Games Shop’ service from Bigpond also takes advantage of your broadband connection. At ‘Games Shop’ you can download full games to trial and if you decide you like them you can buy them outright. Games will be available before they are in store and Bigpond broadband subscribers are also eligible for a 20% discount.

If you are into sport, Bigpond Sports lets you view the latest sports content via streaming audio and video media – but if you don’t have broadband you won’t be able to access it as your connection will be too slow.

There are lots of other great websites that make use of Broadband. Even Google, the most popular search engine on the planet works better over broadband. Your results will be presented faster and you’ll be able to load more websites simultaneously with a faster Internet connection. Another favourite broadband website of mine is Apple Movie Trailers. Here you’ll be able to preview the latest movie trailers right from the comfort of your computer. Depending on your broadband connection you can even view the trailers in all their full screen glory.

Broadband is here to stay and over time more websites will require it to view content. With Broadband pricing decreasing now is the time to upgrade if you still use dialup. In most cases, switching to broadband will not only increase the satisfaction of your Internet experience but will also save you money.