March 1, 2006

Melbourne 2006

In the lead up to the Commonwealth games there are some great websites you should check out to help you follow all of the action coming to Melbourne between 15th – 26th March. The best website in my opinion is

Melbourne2006 is the official site of the Commonwealth games and is jam-packed with information on ticketing, getting to and from the games, the different venues across Melbourne and even a link to buy tickets!

If you are interested in a particular sport check out the ‘Competition Schedule’ link. Clicking on this link takes you to a grid that tells you what is on and its location. If you’d rather be presented with a list of the sports available on a particular day just select a date from the drop down list at the top of the screen. You can even investigate pricing and the availability of tickets for certain events by clicking on the ‘Schedule and Prices’ link underneath the ‘Competition Schedule’

Travelling to and from venues can be a challenge, however the Melbourne 2006 website makes it easy to plan your trip. Click on the ‘Traffic and Transport’ link and you’ll be taken to a page that lets you choose between Traffic information and transport information. As most venues don’t offer public car parking your best bet will be to catch a train, tram or bus to your venue. Your venue ticket also provides you with free access to the public transport network on the scheduled day. You can find out how to get to your games venue by either clicking on the link or going here.

If you want to look the part when going to the games you’d better check out the Online shop by clicking on the link or going directly here. Here you can choose from a huge range of officially licensed merchandise that will make your time more memorable. All purchases made from the site are done using secure SSL technology so you can be sure your credit card details will be securely captured.

There are also some great competitions to check out by clicking on the ‘Competitions’ link. You’ll have the opportunity to win tickets to many different events, including a private box at the opening ceremony. Just follow the right link to enter!

Lastly, if you want to follow all of the latest scores during the games and have access to a computer you can log on to Herald Sun to keep abreast of all the action. The website is updated continuously throughout the day so you won’t miss a beat.