January 2, 2006

Are your favourites del.icio.us?

Internet favourites are shortcuts to web pages that you want to return to easily and quickly. All browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Opera) have favourite or book-marking functionality built-in but a new website called del.icio.us has just taken the concept of favourites to a new level – by letting other people access your bookmarks.

The idea behind del.icio.us is simple; the more people that bookmark a particular webpage, the more likely that page is to be interesting or useful. Del.icio.us is also useful as it lets you access your favourites from any computer anywhere around the world. Del.icio.us is a kind of ‘shared’ memory and is one of a new breed of websites that enables collaboration amongst members.

Getting started with Del.icio.us is easy. From the homepage under ‘Sign Up Now” enter your preferred username, password and email account. Once registered Del.icio.us lets you start adding favourites – you can either add them manually by selecting ‘post’ at the top of the screen and entering the URL (uniform resource locator) or you can setup your own ‘local’ favourite that when selecting automatically adds the URL to your del.icio.us library. Simply go to http://del.icio.us/help/buttons and drag the ‘my del.icio.us’ and ‘post to del.icio.us’ to your favourites bar to add them.

The other great thing you can do with del.icio.us is ‘tag’ your bookmarks into different categories – like computers, entertainment etc. Even if membership isn’t for you check out http://del.icio.us/popular/ to view popular bookmarks on the site. In fact, using del.icio.us to research a subject can save a lot of time. Lets say you are interested in cooking – just select it from http://del.icio.us/popular/ and you can see a list of the lots of popular cooking sites – if you were using Google to do the same thing you’d have to find them all yourself.

Currently del.icio.us has a strong technology focus but this will slowly change due to Yahoo’s recent purchase of del.icio.us. Yahoo will launch the del.icio.us concept to the mainstream web and in doing so will help make it one of the next ‘big’ things.