November 15, 2005

Getting more from your digital camera

Everybody always tell me that taking photos with a digital camera is easy – you just point and shoot, however there can be big differences in the results and often it’s not dependant on the camera but rather the photographer. Here are 5 tips that will allow you to get better results from your digital camera.

1. Always shoot at your cameras highest resolution. There is no point in taking 2 megapixel shots on your new 6 megapixel camera. Even though you’ll fit more shots on your memory card the resulting images will be smaller, and the therefore have less potential to be edited, cropped and transferred into that award winning shot.

2. Change the white balance mode on your camera – The default white balance setting on most cameras is Auto, the colour results tend to be on the ‘cool’ side. Try setting the white balance to ‘Cloudy’, this will result in the photo being warmer with an increased amounts of reds and yellows.

3. Use the fill flash – By changing your cameras flash mode to ‘always on’ you force the cameras hand and make sure the flash fires everytime you snap a photo – in the light this will change the luminosity on your subjects face and make for a more balanced composition.

4. Use macro mode when appropriate – if you are trying to take a shot of something at close range change your cameras setting to macro (this is often represented with a flower symbol) Now, get as close as possible to your subject and press the shutted half way, this allows your camera to focus in an its minimum focal length – the resulting shot should be a nice, close shot at close range.

5. Share your photos with family and friends. Learn how to download your shots to your computer and easily email them to friends or upload them to the web. Use a program like Picasa ( as it works with all cameras and will be much better then the software that was supplied with your camera. It’s a great program that lets you catalogue, manipulate, backup and share your images. And best of all, google owns it so it’s free.