November 15, 2005

Creating a Photo Album in PowerPoint

Have you ever wondered how other people use personal images for digital photo albums? Well, Microsoft PowerPoint has simplified what once was a difficult task.

There are two options within PowerPoint – the first option consists of compiling photos and manually creating an album. The second, and easier option is to download a one megabyte template from the Microsoft website.

1. The first step is to gather all the digital photos you wish to use in your photo album. You can also scan any printed photos or download photos off the web. Put them all into a clearly marked folder within the My Pictures folder (eg. Qld Summer 2002)

2. Once you have downloaded the album template, the new Photo Album Wizard appears in the File New dialogue box.

3. To create a new photo album, click File>New on the standard toolbar. Click Photo Album on the General tab, and then click the OK button.

4. In the Photo Album dialogue box, you can choose to add pictures from your hard disk or a peripheral device; such as a scanner or digital camera.

5. To add pictures from a file you need to select File or Disk from under Insert Picture From...

6. Locate the folder or disk (or CD) that contains the picture you want to add to your photo album (eg. My Pictures>Qld Summer 2002), click the picture file, and then click the Insert button.

7. To insert multiple pictures you can just repeat step 6. To capture all the pictures at once, hold down the CTRL (Control) key, click each picture you need, and then click the Insert button.

8. Check the “Captions below ALL pictures” button if you wish to include captions. You can also have all your pictures converted to black and white by checking the “all picture black and white option”.

9. You can edit the brightness, contrast and crop pictures using the picture tools.

10. You can now specify the look of the album under the Album Layout heading. From here you can select the number of pictures that appear on a page. The shape of the frames around each picture or select a design template.

11. When finished, click the Create button.

12. This will give you a completed photo album in a PowerPoint Presentation. You can now modify many options, such as design templates, layouts, text boxes or even save it to the web.

13. To e-mail it to a friend, you should save it as a PowerPoint show. This option is located within the File>Save As… dialogue box under Formats.

14. To put it in an e-mail you can use the File>Send To (Mail Recipient – As Attachment) function and a new e-mail should open. Address the e-mail, write your message and send it.

No longer do you have to endure friends coming over and putting finger marks all over your precious photo album.